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The Maze Runner Chapter 2

One thing I wanna point out is how my copy of The Maze Runner lays out the first couple of chapters.

book stuff

I think this is a pretty smart layout since it makes it way easier to continue reading. The first chapter, though competent at it’s job, isn’t an immediate page turner. So this is an east way to get the reader to continue.

Okay, on to today’s chapter. It’s fine.

We get a bit more info about stuff. Thomas realizes that he doesn’t know how old he is, which, for my money, brings up a lot of questions about what Thomas remembers and what he doesn’t, but that’s not a super important detail. As Alby says in the chapter “Old life’s over.” We hear some of the Glade slang which is still silly to me, but is does help sell the isolation these characters faced.

We meet Alby and his temper, which makes sense, he’s the new leader in this. There’s not much information at the moment but I think the book is hinting at this Nick person mentioned was the previous leader There aren’t really any concrete hints but the framing of the whole setup gives off that vibe.

The actual description of the Glade is fine, nothing too memorable really, besides the walls of the maze. But it’s perfectly serviceable, I mean, we don’t need a blueprint of how the Glade’s laid out.

We get a small hint of some guy giving Thomas a nasty look which doesn’t do much to calm our protag’s shot nerves.

One amusing thing I noticed this time around was the fact that all the boys, well all the ones mentioned anyways, were muscular. Every single one. I know the boys do a lot of physical labor but still, kinda funny.

All in all a decent way to continue the story.

On to the next one!

Book Readings

The Maze Runner Chapter 1

In my last post I talked about how I wanted to re-read some series I had completed to see how my taste changed, if at all. Well, I’m back and I decided that I want to do a chapter by chapter of my re-reading of The Maze Runner. I think it’ll help me get used to post more often here.

A quick background of my thoughts on the first book: I like it the first time I read it. I had planned to read it back in 2012 before the movie came out and I had positive feelings for the book. I didn’t think it was amazing but it was fast paced, I was invested in the mystery, and cared about the characters. It was a solid 6 in my book and I went on to enjoy the movie as well. Now let’s get into my current feelings on chapter one.

The first chapter is fine. It’s short but it does what it needs to do. We are thrown into a confusing and stressful situation just like our main character, the prose isn’t too puffy which I think fits the setting and our character as well. Though I will say, knowing my feelings for the other books in the series, this first chapter does hint at some things I find very annoying about the story and Thomas’s character. I’m going to highlight it here for a reminder to come back to later.

“Minutes stretched into hours, although it was impossible to know for sure because every second seemed an eternity. No. He was smarter than that. Trusting his instincts, he knew he’d been moving for roughly half an hour.

Strangely enough, he felt his fear whisked away like a swarm of gnats caught in the wind, replaced by an intense curiosity. He wanted to know where he was and what was happening.”

Yup, that right there. Ugh.

But all in all, this chapter did what it was supposed to do. Get us curious about where the story is heading. We wanna know what’s the Glade, why can’t Thomas remember anything, and just what’s going on?

Let’s see how this goes, shall we?



[Warning: I use “Queer” as an umbrella term for LGBT+ and will continue to do so]

Hey, I’m Mizz.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want this blog to be about and I think that I’ve finally figured it out.

Things that I care a lot about lately are the stories and struggles of PoC and Queer people, as well as writing my own stories and analyzing certain tv/streaming shows.

So that’s why this blog is going to be focusing on. I will mostly be reviewing and sharing my thoughts on fiction, with smatterings of nonfiction here and there.

They say that you have to read in order to write and that’s what I plan to do. I’ll start by re-reading some stuff I’ve already read since I’m older now and my thoughts on it may change.

I’ll work to adequately explain my feelings on things and see how it goes.

First up on the docket will be The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner. Let’s see how it goes.