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The Maze Runner Chapter 4

Back at it again with another chapter review!

This chapter this time around is pretty meh. If I wasn’t doing these chapter reviews then I’m sure I would just blow past this chapter without much thought.

The main purpose of this chapter is to give us more information about the Glade. We get an even more clear description of the layout of the Glade, again, not sure it was needed, but it’s here. We learn that the walls of the Glade move at night, something Thomas finds of freaking impossible that he’s totally rattled when they actually do move.

We also learn that they’re in a maze. While the chapter’s ‘meh’ this does deepen the mystery some more. We see a shadowy room the Runners, Thomas gets even more curious and scared. But for the tiny bit of information he does learn he’s got a million more questions.

One thing that sticks out to me in the bland chapter is that…Dashner’s writing is…well I don’t think it’s particularly strong. I’m having trouble pinning it down, but certain things don’t flow very well. Like this passage:

“It bothered Thomas that Chuck didn’t seem to care about what he’d just said. That he seemed indifferent to having his life taken anyway from him. What was wrong with thee people? Thomas got to his feet and started walking toward the eastern opening. ‘Well, no one said I couldn’t look around.’ He needed to learn something or he was going to lose his mind.

‘Whoa, wait!’ Chuck cried, running to catch up. ‘Be careful, those puppies are about to close.’ He already sounded out of breath.

‘Close?’ Thomas repeated. ‘What are you talking about?’

‘The Doors, you shank.’

‘Door? I don’t see any doors.’ Thomas knew Chuck wasn’t just making stuff up— he knew he was missing something obvious. He grew uneasy and realized he’d slowed his pace, not so eager to reach the walls anymore.”

This isn’t terrible but the switch to Thomas uneasiness feels abrupt. I guess I’d call it Telling rather than Showing. Thomas’s mix of emotions doesn’t flow well because of this.

But Chuck proves to be a bright spot by basically telling Thomas to go take a nap. It was basically time for them to sleep anyways, but still, it was good.

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