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The Maze Runner Chapter 5

So, after a long hiatus I’m back with a review of chapter five. I will say that one reason it took me so long to gt this out was the fact that well, nothing much happens in this chapter.

The first five chapters of this book cover Thomas’s first say in the Glade and what have we learned? Well, quite a few things actually.

We learned about the layout of the Glade, a thing called the Changing happens to boys who get stung, that so long as these boys make it back to get their medicine that they won’t die, boys get sent up once a month, they’re in a giant maze, Thomas was seen during the Changing, Newt’s nice, Alby’s angry, Gally’s an asshole, Chuck is cute, and Thomas is inquisitive to the point of being annoying and some more stuff.

But it certainly feels like nothing.

This could be the way I’m reading these; chapter by chapter. The beginning chapters are very short and I believe that the reader is supposed to simply breeze right though them. But they didn’t have to be structured this way. They could have been two or three chapters instead of five with some reworking. I mean, really, how many times do we need to hear Gally tell Thomas that he saw him during the Changing?

But I’ve digressed.

In this chapter Thomas an Chuck get ready for bed! Yeah…that’s pretty much it. Chuck plays a prank on Gally which nearly gets Thomas in trouble but things end fine. No broken or bloody noses at the very least.

Thomas and Chuck lay down in a field or garden and suddenly Thomas is hit with a sense of calm. He is alarmed by this, after everything he’s been through how could he suddenly be so calm, but this sense of calm leads Thomas to two conclusions. One, that he wants to be a Runner and two, that he thinks he’s been in the Maze before.

That is what I consider to be the real start of things, and as far as starts go I think it’s pretty good for this kind of book. It sets Thomas on a clear path forward and the line about Thomas feeling like he had been there before coupled with Gally’s insistence that he’s seen Thomas before sparks the interest in the mystery far more than anything else did.

But…other than that nothing too interesting here.

Back to a more regular schedule.

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