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The Maze Runner Chapter 6

Stuff’s happening! Kind of…sort of?

Okay, so this chapter is basically when Thomas finds out what Grievers, what their purpose is in the Maze, and a tour from Alby!

Yeah…that’s pretty much it.

I mean, these chapters are short so I guess I can’t expect too, too much, but it doesn’t really…do much? Last chapter felt like it was getting things started; Thomas had a revelations of sorts last chapter and this doesn’t feel like a continuation.

Let’s get into this a little bit.

Newt wakes Thomas up before the…um official wake up time and leads him over to a dirty little window in the wall. Newt tells Thomas about the Maze and how they’re trying to solve it and also warns him about the monsters that lurk in the Maze.

“…A large, bulbous creature the size of a cow but with no distinct shape twisted and seethed along the ground in the corridor outside. It climbed the opposite wall, then leaped at the thick-glassed window with a loud thump. Thomas shrieked before he could stop himself, jerked away from the window— but the thing bounced backward, leaving the glass undamaged.

Thomas sucked in two huge breaths and leaned in once again. It was too dark to make out clearly, but odd lights flashed from an unknown source, revealing blurs of silver spikes and glistening flesh. Wicked instrument- tipped appendages protruded from its body like arms: a saw blade, a set of sheers, long rods whose purpose could only be guessed.

The creature was a horrific mix of animal and machine, and seemed to realize it was being observed, seemed to know what lay inside the walls of the Glade, seemed to want to get inside and feast on human flesh…”

Now when I first read this all those years ago I couldn’t pin down what these things look like and I still kind of don’t. I’m getting slug vibes from this, along with like…spikes? I don’t know but these things aren’t the least bit terrifying. The movie did much better with this. (And yeah I’m going be looking at that as well).

Thomas is feeling pretty down after that. Since I don’t find the Grievers scary Thomas comes off as pretty wishy-washy. But his pull to the Maze is still strong, as is his curiosity. So when Alby shows up to take Thomas on his tour and Thomas demands to know everything. Alby is being difficult about it though (I do love my angry son)

Though this chapter was pretty light I’m sure, hopefully, that we’ll get more meat in the up coming chapters.

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