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The Maze Runner Chapter 7

This could have been bundled with chapter six and nothing would have had to change. Seriously, this kind of boggles me, in so much that I just really don’t understand the drive to divide these chapters like this. Just seems silly.

But this chapter is mainly the tour, and the Box comes back up which is a new person.

During the tour we get a little bit more info on the workings of the Glade. We learn about the Gardens, Blood House, Homestead, Deadheads. I do want to know why exactly they came up with another name for “Graveyard” when they also call it a graveyard. It doesn’t make a lot of sense why a new word would be made up for that. Blood House makes a bit more sense, only in the sense that I can believe it’s something a bunch of teenage boys would come up with.

We get a couple of more names for things, most I think could be figured out, but I do like that detail. It really does set in that these kids have been isolated for a period of time (Alby says two years). We also learn that the maze moves every night and that it’s part of the reason why they haven’t figured it out yet.

One thing that stuck out to me, in realtion to Alby, was the fact that he was one of the first boys there and has essentially watched all the others who came with him died. I think that gives some extra layers to Alby’s character and any anger/frustration he might feel.

But then the Box comes back up and everyone is confused at this change in routine. But what exactly that means for Thomas remains to be seen.

Till next time.

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