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The Maze Runner Chapter 8

The chapter where the girl shows up!

And I really, really don’t like this.

This is totally due to how the nameless (at this point) girl is introduced and treated.

First, as soon as the other Gladers were made aware of her gender, one of them tried to call dibs on her which is awful all by itself.

But I’m much more upset with Thomas. First, with Thomas’s ‘glimpse’ of her. He can tell that she’s thin, but not too thin, 5’6″, 15-16, and pale skin like pearls. That’s simply too much detail for a glimpse. Then when he gets a closer to her he just goes over how hot she is; flawless skin, perfect lips, long legs, etc…

This is a girl her thinks is dead. This is super creepy and doesn’t paint Thomas in a good light. Even if he feels bad for thinking it. Dashner really didn’t need to write it this way at all.. Jeez.

Thomas finding her attractive isn’t a problem by itself but the time in when it happens is ill planned. He could have done that, the whole description of how hot she is, at a later, less creepy, date.

Plus the fact that Thomas doesn’t ask any questions about her well kept appearance, like where she’s been kept or whose been keeping her in such good condition, when he had questions about everything else. It feels like a break of character.

Oh well. Onward I guess.

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