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The Maze Runner Chapter 9

The boys are still being creepy to nameless girl and I am so glad that the movie omitted this. Ew. I’m also glad that Alby told everybody not to touch her. Good job. The girl is passed out for now and isn’t much of a character. So, we’ll come back to her when she’s more relevant.

After she is carried away Thomas begins to feel as if he does know who she is; he feels a connection though he’s not sure what it is exactly. Thomas getting all these feelings about the girl did get on my nerves during my first read through of the series. For now it’s fine and logical (they came a day apart, Thomas already feels like he’s been in the maze, etc) so I’ll have to see how it progresses.

Thomas didn’t get any new answers this chapter, but he did come up with a theory on his own. That the Gladers are prisoners. For what he has no idea, but at least he’s trying to make connections.

Thomas continues his tour on his own and while he’s admiring the fact that the boys are so well put together he spots a beetle blade. One with what he thinks is WICKED written on its back.

What does this mean? I don’t know but I really hope we can the momentum.

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