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The Maze Runner Chapter 11

So…this chapter doesn’t have the same sense of tension as the previous chapter, even though Dashner sure did try. With Alby holding as arrow, ready to kill Ben, Ben trying to kill Thomas, and Thomas being confused as to why he’s Ben target. But the stand off just doesn’t hold the same weight.

After Alby killed Ben, Thomas is pretty traumatized. I think it’s portrayed well, Thomas feeling as if he was simply going through the motions. There is this line about the nameless girl:

“It it hadn’t been for the whole Ben-in-the-graveyard incident, Thomas was some she would’ve been all he’d thought about last night.”

Thomas didn’t show any sign of thinking of her in the previous chapters o this line didn’t ring true to me.

We end the chapter with Thomas running over to a Runner who collapsed on the ground. Apparently he’s back early so we know something is up. But we’ll have to read the next chapter to find out what it is.

It is odd though that its taken so long for the story to really get started. Oh well.

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