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The Maze Runner Chapter 13

So…this chapter is kind of boring. There were really only two things that stuck out to me. One, was that Thomas didn’t mention the fact that he felt like the Maze and the Girl were familiar to him. At least not to anyone important.

Sure, Thomas doesn’t feel like there’s much reason to, Alby and Gally at the very least haven’t been all that nice to him. But telling Newt is also an option. Thomas also has a line about only telling them something that he may remember if he feels like it, which just soured me on him a bit. They are trying to get out of here and Alby’s right, all of the things that happen can’t be a coincidence.
The other big thing that will carry over into the next chapter is that Ben is being Banished. It’s portrayed as a serious event, but also something the Gladers look forward to, if Chuck’s reaction is anything to go by. I assume it’s because not much else goes on around there.

It’s still very creepy.

I am interested in seeing how the next chapter showcases the event and how Thomas will process it.

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