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The Maze Runner Chapter 14

This chapter fell pretty flat to me. It’s supposed to be horrible; we’re essentially watching a teenage boy being sentenced to death but it doesn’t really hit it’s mark. At least not in the same way that the graveyard scene did.

There isn’t really anything new to say about the writing in terms of Thomas’s emotions. I really think it’s a problem with showing rather than telling, y’know? I do understand Thomas’s conflicting emotions; not wanting to feel guilty but feeling guilty anyways, wanting Ben to get help and also simply wanting him to go away.

I understand it, but I don’t think Dashner sold it very well here.

The main thing that stood out to me in this chapter was the fact that Thomas thought Alby looked like a monster. It was a short section that happened at the beginning of the chapter and it wasn’t lingered on but…it made me pause.

This was something that has made me uncomfortable to have the only black character described as evil. I know Thomas has had problems with Alby and Alby isn’t dealing well with being in charge but I find it kind of racist.

No, I’m not calling Dashner a racist and I don’t think he hate black people or anything to that effect. But his actions led to this kind of racist conclusion.

Other than that I don’t have anything else to really say about this chapter. Hopefully things will pick up soon.

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