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The Maze Runner Chapter 15

It’s been a bit, but I’m back with more chapter reviews.

This chapter is okay. Another low-key chapter after the excitement of chapter 14.

Thomas is still called to be a Runner and gets a chance to ask Newt some questions. This time around he actually gets some answers. New essentially tells Thomas that the Runners are the best of the best, the real cream of the crap.

Thomas ask Newt why he isn’t a Runner and…I don’t know why. Having just heard that they Runners are the best of the best that question would suggest that Thomas thinks Newt is one of those. But he hasn’t anything to suggest he’s one of the best. Newt hadn’t really had much presence until this point— sure he showed him a Griever but that’s about it— and it doesn’t seem like Thomas is asking the question in jest, so…it seems odd.

But this leads us to learning a bit about Newt. We learn that Newt used to be a Runner he stopped because he suffered a leg injury, and that Newt is glad he’s not a Runner anymore.

Thomas gets a bit snippy after Newt tells him he had to wait to even be considered to be a Runner. Newt shuts him down in an okay little lecture.

The chapter ends with Chuck questioning who killed the Griever and Newt not having an answer.

I don’t know why this is the end. The question of who-or-what killed the Griever had been hanging over them since we found out about the dead Griever. And Newt hasn’t been out in the maze so…why would he know anything about that? Why would he even have a guess?

Not a strong ending but it does get the reader asking questions, which is a good way to keep them reading if nothing else.

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