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The Maze Runner Chapter 16

So, another day and another chapter.

It stars off rather dull, Thomas is made to garden and he doesn’t like it, all he wants to do is be a runner.

He talks to Zart, gets some more info about the different jobs but doesn’t get much more out of Zart than that. Not because he’s unwilling to talk, bit because he’s reminded of the Girl, and Ben, and the Grievers. It puts him in a sour mood.

During lunch we see Newt visibly distressed. Thomas and Chuck are worried about him and so am I. Newt’s a character that I like, I would go so fat as to say that he’s my favorite character in the book so far. I like Alby and Chuck as well but Newt still beats them out.

The blond boy is nervous because Alby and Minho haven’t come back from the Maze yet.

Newt is terrified.

Last chapter we got a hint about how much Newt hates the Maze but this chapter really drove it homw.

Night rolls around and Newt is panicked but he won’t go in the Maze. It’s too dangerous and the doors are about to shut. Newt and Chuck think they’re dead and I feel really bad for Newt. It’s obvious that him, Alby, and Minho are close.

But then, just as the doors are closing, Thomas spots Minho dragging along an unconscious Alby. This is where Dashner’s writing shines once again and it’s very tense. Even though I knew what was going to happen I was still on the edge of my seat.

Reading the back and forth between Thomas watching Minho dragging Alby, to Newt runing (the best he can) and yelling at Thomas not to run into the maze.

The book is best in moments like these.

It all ends with Thomas, Minho, and Alby trapped in the Maze over night.

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