So this is simply a quick update on the upcoming post to come to this blog in 2018!

I will probably get one more chapter review in before the New Year’s and due to my poor planning I won’t be finished before The Death Cure comes out, but that’s fine by me. Anyways, things coming in 2018:

Character Design Review of Kirara Amanogawa, done in either 2 or 3 parts.

Review of The Maze Runner movie, both in comparison to the book and as a movie by itself.

Start in on The Scorch Trials with a change in format to reviewing more than one chapter at a time. Between 3 and 5 chapters at once.

More reviews of newer books I’ve read, whole and proper book reviews this time around.

Episode reviews of shows that catch my fancy, practice that side of reviewing. First series on the docket would be the Channel Zero series.

Thanks to all those who read/like my blog and I hope you all have a happy New Year!

By qtwrites

Mizz - 20+ - Black

A blog about various things that interest me.

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