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The Maze Runner Chapter 17

Hey, last post of 2017! Hope things are well for all of you.

We last left Thomas right after he ran out into the Maze on an impulse and now he’s…stuck.

He went up to an injured Alby and a terrified Minho. Both boys looked terrible; covered in scratches and bruises, Alby being the worse off of the pair. There are no descriptions of blood (surprisingly) but he’s been stung by the supposed dead Griever so…yeah, things look pretty bleak.

Thomas gets a bit frustrated with how negative Minho is being about the whole situation, but I can’t really blame him. We’re not told how long he’s been in the Maze, but we know he’s seen quite a lot of his friends die one way or another. Heck, we learn in this chapter that the boys don’t even find all the bodies of their friends who get stuck in the Maze overnight. It makes perfect sense for Minho to be very, very pessimistic.

We also learn various other things about the Grievers. We learn that while they always come out at night that sometimes they go out during the day. Grievers prick their victims and that a victim can be pricked multiple times.

We don’t learn too much more than that but it’s kind of interesting.

I am under suspicions that the reason we don’t learn exactly what happened when the Griever attacked Minho and Alby is that Dashner doesn’t really have a clue. I find the description of the Grievers dubious at best and the lack of explanation only pushes it closer toward it being unconvincing.

The chapter ends with Minho abandoning Thomas and Alby once the sound of Grievers started to sound. I found that kind of funny.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for this chapter, there wasn’t much, but I’m kind of getting used to that with this book. Thanks for reading and happy new years!

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