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The Maze Runner Chapter 21

In this chapter Thomas and Minho (yeah, he’s back) run from the Grievers and throw them off a Cliff.

These chapters really don’t need to be this short. Really.

I don’t have too much to say about this chapter, the writing is fine, the main issue still being that I don’t find the Grievers scary. Minho finding Thomas and pulling him along through the Maze.

I wonder where Minho had been in order for him to say.

“I just saw…the dive move you did…back there…gave me an idea…”

Was he just…around the corner? How?

Thomas does bring up a good question about how this Cliff can be there in the first place. Who put this Maze out there? It brings up the question without calling too much attention to it.

One thing that makes me pause is this line:

Dawn was beginning to make it’s Mark, the sky seeming to have lightened considerably…”

How long has Thomas and Minho been out there? It doesn’t seem to be that long. I don’t know how it takes for the sun to come up in this universe, but still. It doesn’t seem like they’ve been out there for hours.

Time is weird to keep track of.

Minho comes up with a good plan and Thomas pick it up quickly. It shows both of them as smart and quick thinkers. Minho is my fave so far.

Anyways, decent chapter over all. This book is mostly becoming “meh” as I read on.

Untill next time.

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