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With the fast approaching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier I wanted to share my final thoughts on WandaVision. I’ve been ruminating on the series ever since it ended, mulling over my feelings on the characters and the show over all.

I never really cared for Wanda or Vision in the movies, they were very background and weren’t given much to work with in the movies. It made sense, focusing more on our established characters and what was going on with them. The most I felt connected to the characters was in Avengers: Infinity War with them meeting up and talking about their relationship. It was cute and sad, and then to have that very small tenuous peace between them ripped away was very sad. Plus knowing that they couldn’t make it in the end just ripped my heart out. But it was, ultimately forgotten while I waited for Endgame to come out and see what would happen with the Avengers who started it all. So when WandaVision was announced I was interested but too excited, I was more interested in all of the other projects that would be coming.

Actually watching the show changed my feelings on these characters completely. I am very interested in seeing what they have planned for Wanda in the future and how she’ll continue to develop from here along side Doctor Strange.

The show did such a wonderful job of really dealing with Wanda’s trauma and grief, something she never got to properly deal with in all her time with the Avengers (honestly when they were all together someone could have suggested the team get a therapist or something). Wanda retreating into a protective fantasy where the love of her life is alive and they live in a wacky world where nothing too bad ever happens and then watching everything fall apart once again was very compelling. Seeing Wanda dealing with her grief and how her grief, pain, and trauma inadvertently turned her into a monster in the eyes of the people she hurt. Wanda being forced to confront what has happened to her. I was enthralled throughout the whole show, watching Wanda struggle with herself and what she’s been through and what she’s done.

While I was happy to see Monica get some development along with Jimmy and Darcy, but I was ultimately glad that things stayed focused on Wanda and her emotions.

This was a solid outing for the first Disney+ MCU show and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for these characters.

Miscellaneous Movies

Here’s a Ramble

So, I’ve been thinking about this since I’ve seen these movies but I’m ultimately having trouble coming up with a thesis statement so I’m just going to ramble about it for a bit and see if y’all find it interesting.

Recently I’ve seen the remake of Child’s Play and the remake of Jacob’s Ladder. I make have different feelings on them when I rewatch them but the main thing I took away from them was that they really took away the mystical elements that the original films had.

In Child’s Play, there’s no hollywood “voodoo” magic to have the soul transfer into a popular doll. Here it seems like…a disgruntled worker messed with the code and that’s what made the doll go crazy. In Jacob’s Ladder…well with all the mind-bending stuff going on it’s a bit difficult but the medical angle is really played up in this movie as opposed to the original movie. Of course these changes are, in a way, natural. Keeping all of the mystical elements would really just be doing what the originals did, but bringing these projects closer to…realism let’s say, really takes out any kind of punch the originals had.

Child’s Play did better than Jacob’s Ladder it seems, though I wonder if it’s brand recognition. I wonder if the people in charge are just too focused on being “modern” as in the case of Child’s Play, or if they just don’t think the mystical aspects are appealing, in the case of Jacob’s Ladder. I can’t say, but it does remind me of something I heard about a year or two ago: it’s hard to get moviegoers to abandon logic for movies to go on a kind of emotional journey (I think that it came from a Lindsey Ellis video, but I’ll have to double check) and while I watched these movies that’s what it felt like. Like the movies weren’t about an emotional journey. Jacob’s Ladder certainly was, and I felt that the original Child’s Play was on some level too.

I don’t know. It’s late where I am and my thoughts on these movies are still jumbled. I guess these will get my eyes again and then I’ll write something more concrete. We’ll see.

Miscellaneous Something Quick

She-Ra due back this Summer


Season 3 of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is coming to Netflix August 2nd! AND Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis will be joining the voice cast as Huntara!

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!!!! I’m so excited!

Miscellaneous Something Quick

Hey, everyone who reads this site, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I’ve come to a conclusion about myself.

I just can’t keep up.

Not with anything specific, just more so in the idea that there’s so much, I want to look into to, as well as I’m looking for a better job, and I’m trying my hand in pursuing an acting career that I don’t really have time to keep up with the latest…anything.

Then by the time I do check out things I want to look into I feel as though it’s too late. I’m not one who thinks my input might be all that special anyway so I always get stuck.

Well, today I’ve decided to just be…over that.

I don’t need to keep up with things. I can talk about them when I’m ready and touch on how they made me feel in that time. I don’t need to be up on trends or the latest curve, or anything like that. My pace is perfect for me and that’s how I’m going to roll from now on.

My depression is getting worse again, but I’m going to work with my therapist and try very hard to push forward through the winter. I don’t know when I’ll post next or what I’ll be posting about, but I haven’t abandoned this site.

I look forward to getting back out there.



So…I’m not going to be finishing my chapter reviews of The Maze Runner series.

Unfortunately, I just find the books too uninteresting at this point in my life. The writing and character work is just too uncompelling to me and it’s a real chore to even try to read the books at this point. I’ve been trying to up it up, but really it’s just not working for me.

I apologize to anyone who enjoyed that kind of content, but I hope y’all will stick around for what coming up next.

Thanks for reading!



So this is simply a quick update on the upcoming post to come to this blog in 2018!

I will probably get one more chapter review in before the New Year’s and due to my poor planning I won’t be finished before The Death Cure comes out, but that’s fine by me. Anyways, things coming in 2018:

Character Design Review of Kirara Amanogawa, done in either 2 or 3 parts.

Review of The Maze Runner movie, both in comparison to the book and as a movie by itself.

Start in on The Scorch Trials with a change in format to reviewing more than one chapter at a time. Between 3 and 5 chapters at once.

More reviews of newer books I’ve read, whole and proper book reviews this time around.

Episode reviews of shows that catch my fancy, practice that side of reviewing. First series on the docket would be the Channel Zero series.

Thanks to all those who read/like my blog and I hope you all have a happy New Year!



[Warning: I use “Queer” as an umbrella term for LGBT+ and will continue to do so]

Hey, I’m Mizz.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want this blog to be about and I think that I’ve finally figured it out.

Things that I care a lot about lately are the stories and struggles of PoC and Queer people, as well as writing my own stories and analyzing certain tv/streaming shows.

So that’s why this blog is going to be focusing on. I will mostly be reviewing and sharing my thoughts on fiction, with smatterings of nonfiction here and there.

They say that you have to read in order to write and that’s what I plan to do. I’ll start by re-reading some stuff I’ve already read since I’m older now and my thoughts on it may change.

I’ll work to adequately explain my feelings on things and see how it goes.

First up on the docket will be The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner. Let’s see how it goes.