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With the fast approaching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier I wanted to share my final thoughts on WandaVision. I’ve been ruminating on the series ever since it ended, mulling over my feelings on the characters and the show over all.

I never really cared for Wanda or Vision in the movies, they were very background and weren’t given much to work with in the movies. It made sense, focusing more on our established characters and what was going on with them. The most I felt connected to the characters was in Avengers: Infinity War with them meeting up and talking about their relationship. It was cute and sad, and then to have that very small tenuous peace between them ripped away was very sad. Plus knowing that they couldn’t make it in the end just ripped my heart out. But it was, ultimately forgotten while I waited for Endgame to come out and see what would happen with the Avengers who started it all. So when WandaVision was announced I was interested but too excited, I was more interested in all of the other projects that would be coming.

Actually watching the show changed my feelings on these characters completely. I am very interested in seeing what they have planned for Wanda in the future and how she’ll continue to develop from here along side Doctor Strange.

The show did such a wonderful job of really dealing with Wanda’s trauma and grief, something she never got to properly deal with in all her time with the Avengers (honestly when they were all together someone could have suggested the team get a therapist or something). Wanda retreating into a protective fantasy where the love of her life is alive and they live in a wacky world where nothing too bad ever happens and then watching everything fall apart once again was very compelling. Seeing Wanda dealing with her grief and how her grief, pain, and trauma inadvertently turned her into a monster in the eyes of the people she hurt. Wanda being forced to confront what has happened to her. I was enthralled throughout the whole show, watching Wanda struggle with herself and what she’s been through and what she’s done.

While I was happy to see Monica get some development along with Jimmy and Darcy, but I was ultimately glad that things stayed focused on Wanda and her emotions.

This was a solid outing for the first Disney+ MCU show and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for these characters.