BlackPink in your area!

Hey WordPress, I know it’s been a long time but I’ve been working on an essay I want to post here but in the meantime here’s a post talking about a KPop Girl Group that I’ve been a big fan of since I first discovered them.

Now, I’m really big into KPop, not really into music for that matter. I do listen to it all the time, but I don’t follow artists or anything like that. I simply listen to whatever sounds nice to my ears and repeat it over and over again. But these ladies, Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé (pictured below in order) have managed to get into my heart. So here are their songs listed based on how they’re grouped in AZlyrics and what I think about them.

From courtesy of YG Entertainment

Whistle (휘파람): I’m not sure if this is the very first song they recorded but it’s the first song I ever heard and I fell in love. Listening to it now their voices sounds different, maybe younger in a way, but they’re still distinct and I this song spreads the song in equal measure really giving the girls to show off their stuff. I also really like the beat to this one, it does change in places but I still overall lowkey, it doesn’t get my heart beating very fast is what I mean, and the whistling in the bridge and at various places in the song really tie things together for me. This song comes off as sexy and seductive. I think it’s a great mixture of the “black” and the “pink”.

Boombayah (붐바야): Now this song does get my heart pumping and makes me what to dance. A quick look at the lyrics will let you that that is the point, this is definitely a party song. On this one I feel like it more so belongs to Jennie and Lisa. I think it’s because Jisoo and Rosé’s voices feel like they get a little lost with the beat they used for this song. Not that the music drowns out their voices per se, all the singing is great in this song, but both Jennie and Lisa rap in this song and the beat under the rap really feels like it places it front and center while the music surrounds all of the singing (if that makes sense). This is another good one from them for me.

Playing With Fire (불장난): I find this one more similar to Whistle with it’s pleasant beat though it doesn’t spur me on to get up and dance. I think the music here complements the singing in a way that it lets it shine and stand out so it’s not just the rap verses that stand of for me. This one isn’t among my favorites of theirs to be honest, not one I play on repeat over and over but still pleasant.

Stay: This song belongs to Rosé and Jisoo. The soft guitar for this love song with the hand claps really works for those two. Similar to how I felt the song arrangement bolstered Jennie and Lisa’s parts of Boombayah here the music and the arrangement really help bolster the qualities of both Jisoo and Rosé. This is a very “pink” song lol. Jennie and Lisa do well in this song, though Lisa does get the shorter end of the stick, but Rosé and Jisoo just…shine! I really like this one.

DDU-DU DDU-DU: So this isn’t a bad song but…it really just doesn’t grab me the way the other songs do. Like…I like the beat, the drop is nice, there’s this…bass drop in the song that’s nice. When Rosé and Jisoo the music on their parts help their parts stand out. Jennie and Lisa are both great. But ultimately this song doesn’t do it for me sad to say. I just don’t really like it.

Forever Young: This is a nice song. I don’t want to dance to it but the beat is so nice here it makes me bob my head. It’s a bop. I don’t really have a lot to say about this one since, for me, it’s something I put on in the background. Nothing about it really…stand out for me, but it’s still very nice to listen to and play.

(Also, Jennie has started most of these songs so far, she was the first in the group to get a Solo song but like…come on :P)

Really: This is pretty smooth. This song gets me swaying a long and I feel like everyone has an edge to their voice this time around. Jennie and Lisa generally have an edge to their voices in most songs, but here I feel like Rosé and Jisoo also have more of an edge here than they’ve had in previous songs. Maybe it’s the theme of the song, demanding someone to express their love for you with words. It’s great! I like this style from them.

See U Later: The build-up of this song from the start to the first chorus is great. I think the beat is steady and it builds and builds which can mirror the girls’ frustrations with this person they’re dumping. Jisoo and Rosé’s singing came off as very frank in this song, not with the same edge as they had in Really but it’s still there. Also, the drop to the chorus isn’t like, huge or anything like that, but it’s got enough punch that the buildup feels warranted. This is another one I really like.

As If It’s Your Last (마지막처럼): This is another bop, poppy love song. Very “pink” so much so that Lisa’s rap verse kinda doesn’t…fit. But you know, this one is fine. It’s not too bad but I don’t really care for it.

(Wow, the two songs I called bops just aren’t for me huh. Maybe bops just aren’t blackpink’s thing or at least not what I like from them)

Kill This Love: Okay so, this is their new single and I love it to pieces. It’s got like a marching band beat, the horns in the beginning, and how it sounds at the end is amazing! I also really love Jennie’s “Brrram bah bah bah bah bah bah” she has, her voice kind of goes deep and it’s great! I also think this is another song that does a good job showing off Jisoo and Rosé’s talents. Jisoo here sounds so…like dark kind of while Rose sound’s a bit brighter but there’s still so much intensity in her voice. Everything is just so great here I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. Jennie and Lisa’s rap verse are great here as well, they do a little trade off for like four lines and they just work off each other very well. Everything about this song is amazing to me.

Don’t Know What To Do: This song has a light feeling to it. This song gets me dancing and feels popp-y to me. I also think that this is another song where Rosé and Jisoo’s vocals shine, especially Rosé’s voice. This song doesn’t have any rap verse so Jennie and Lisa’s vocals also shine here, more so for me than in other sings. I really feel like the girls have grown into their voices some more. It’s great. I could label this as a bop, one from them I really really like. Light, sweet, and very lovely.

Kick It: Hm…this is another song that isn’t back but it doesn’t really do anything for me. Maybe I find this particular beat too…same-y, low down without anything to really grab my attention. The singing here doesn’t even really do that for me either, they aren’t grabbing me like with their other sings. I don’t know.

Hope Not (아니길): This is a slow one, very pleasant to listen to. All of the voices hold a kind of sadness in them, it’s great. The slow guitar (I think) under the singing really brings out a melancholic tone for this one. It’s not one I listen to often but it’s still very good.

DDU-DU DDU-DU (Remix): I just like this one better than the original. I think the beat is better than the last one. Plus the chorus whined up is just more pleasing to listen to. Other than that I don’t have too much more to say.

Welp, there you have it, I didn’t talk about songs they were featured on or Jennie’s solo because I wanted to focus on the collective group’s work alone. If you’ve listened to BlackPink let be know what you like or dislike about them. What’s your favorite song? Why? What’s your least favorite? Why’s that?

I look forward to reading your comments! Thanks for reading!